Sync via WLAN

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Sync via WLAN

Post by Joska59 »

Excuse me, if this postage is wrong placed. :D

Since BS does not use the activesync of MS, is it possible to sync via wlan, or bluetooh? Searching in this forum, i havn't found any newer information, than of 2007.

If the answer ist obvious, please give me a hint.

Best ragards, Joska

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Re: Sync via WLAN

Post by Birdy »

Hello Joska,

BirdieSync no longer uses ActiveSync synchronization engine but still uses the Microsoft drivers (integrated in ActiveSync on XP) to connect to the Windows Mobile device. So you are still able to connect with Bluetooth in the same way as you could with ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center with BirdieSync 1.x. But it still not possible to connect with a WLAN connection.

If you want to connect with Bluetooth (which works very well once configured), I suggest you to look for tutorials on the net since the configuration can be a little bit tricky to set up, depending on the Bluetooth stack you have on your computer. For instance you could have a look at this turorial.

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