Versions & Upgrades of TB & Lightning

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Versions & Upgrades of TB & Lightning

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Hi Birdy

Can we go ahead with suggested upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.2?
And if BS2 is ready to accomodate these minor upgrades, could you make a note somewhere about when BS will not accept upgrades of TB and Lightning. This is more relevant to L as I presume it is still in Beta?

Many thanks

Very glad to have the sync of contacts and calender which your system offers. Very much appreciate your efforts.


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Re: Versions & Upgrades of TB & Lightning

Post by Birdy »

Hello WillyBill,

Current version of BirdieSync should support 3.0.x since it is assumed that this version of Thunderbird will not have significant changes.
Generally when Thunderbird, Lightning or Sunbird switch from m.n.x to m.n+1.x (for instance 3.0 to 3.1), it is necessary to update your version of BirdieSync because of incompatibilities. Regarding beta versions (as for Lightning and Sunbird) it's more uncertain. Anyway, I think that when their final versions will be released, a new version of BirdieSync will also be released based on these new final versions. By now, check the News sub forum for BirdieSync new versions. But I'll see how to better manage information regarding new versions.

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