BirdieSync installation affects Thunderbird Extensions

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BirdieSync installation affects Thunderbird Extensions

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I just installed BirdieSync and saw the same bug that appeared when I installed v I use the MR Tech Tookit extension to enable some other Thunderbird extensions that have not yet been updated to run under Thunderbird v. 3.x - presumably it just updates the MaxVersion parameter. After installing BirdieSync these extensions are all greyed out and disabled again. Re-enabling with MR Tech toolkit and restarting Thunderbird restores everything to where it was. BirdieSync is working just fine. However, it might be a tad disconcerting to anyone who hasn't worked out why their extensions have suddenly failed, and needs fixing in a future release.

I also noticed that after installation the BirdieSync icon in the Taskbar (Windows 7 Home premium) disappeared, and the Windows Mobile Device Centre icon re-appeared (I had the latter suppressed). The icon was also missing from the Birdiesync entry in the Notifications Area Icons settings in Windows. I restarted Windows and the icon reappeared. This may be nothing to do with BirdieSync install itself as I had also updated and re-installed Avast! antivirus after BirdieSync, so it might have been that - but, for what it's worth, I thought I'd mention it in case it was of any help.



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Re: BirdieSync installation affects Thunderbird Extensions

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Hello bob,

Regarding your extension problem, it may be that MR Tech Tookit modifies some values in the extension manager data to change the maximum version of the extensions. The problem is that there is a problem with the extension manager itself which does not properly detect when an extension installed as a third party is updated. And it leads to problems when updating BirdieSync (or other third party extensions) since the updates are not properly detected and the components not correctly loaded. So it is necessary to clean the extension manager cache when BirdieSync is installed. Maybe it has some impact on the max versions change.

Regarding the icons, the installer doesn't do anything special regarding them. When you say that BirdieSync icon was missing, do you mean even when BirdieSync.exe was running ?
Restarting Windows solved the problem. Did you try to simply restart BirdieSync ?
Also do you have a standard user account or an administrator user account ?

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