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Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:30 am
by Simon_Warner
Hi, just upgraded Thunderbird to 3.1 so I had to upgrade BirdieSync as well. I only synchronize from Laptop to mobile 5 device with SPB shell. All went well however my favourite contacts wit star are no longer visible in a separate menu. Why is this?

I see 2 synchronize buttons in the right down corner of my screen. Probably one of windows and one of Birdiesync. Is this necessary? One is enough I would say. I activated the BirdieSync synchronize. It asked questions I already had implanted in the settings of Birdiesync again.


Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:22 am
by Birdy
Hello Simon,
just upgraded Thunderbird to 3.1
I suppose you mean Thunderbird 3.0.1. :wink:
favorite contacts wit star are no longer visible
The first time you synchronized your contacts, did you use the "Combine" option or the "Replace" option ?
Were all your contacts already present in Thunderbird before the first synchronization ?

Regarding the 2 synchronization buttons, one is for the Windows Mobile Device Center (Microsoft) and one for BirdieSync. As they are different products (and now mostly independent), it is necessary to have 2 distinct buttons. Note that if you only synchronize your contacts, events, tasks or mails with Thunderbird/Sunbird, you should not have to use the WMDC.


Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:43 am
by Simon_Warner
I did not see 'combine or replace' however did choose to only bring data from the laptop to the mobile. Anyway, I was upgrading from a previous version which I deleted from the mobile and the laptop before upgrading. Now that mobile and laptop are synchronized it all seems to be working just fine as it always did and no menu is blanked out in SPB when I update.
And yes all contacts were already present because I was only upgrading from a previous version.
Should I remove the smartphone from the windows synchronisation center (because they now both pop-up and when I open the windows version it synchronizes as well)?


Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:43 pm
by Birdy
If you replaced your mobile device contacts with desktop ones, that could explain why your contacts were no longer marked as favorites since their id changed. But it should be OK now after the first full synchronization.

Yes, you could remove the previous partnership in the Windows Mobile Device Center since you no longer need it (or simply keep it with no category of items selected). Simply be careful if you had Outlook categories selected (contacts, calendar, tasks or e-mails) and a Windows Mobile 6.x devices. In that case, deleting the partnership or unselecting Outlook categories could lead to the deletion of the items on the mobile device (it's done by ActiveSync, BirdieSync has no control over it). If it's the case, you must backup your data, before deleting your partnership, and RESET BirdieSync synchronization to avoid propagating the deletions on the mobile device to the desktop.