Does BirdieSync disconnect Wi-Fi/WLAN?

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Does BirdieSync disconnect Wi-Fi/WLAN?

Post by Philipp91 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:39 am


when I connect my phone to the computer, the wi-fi/WLAN will be deactivated. When I manually turn it back on, it is turned off again within a few seconds. Therefore, I can't access the internet when my phone is connected (because the connection through ActiveSync does not work although it is activated).

I guess that BirdieSync is the application that deactivates the Wi-Fi. Is that true? If yes, how can I stop this? If not, what other application could it be? Or did I miss an option of the Windows preferences, that controls it?

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Edit: Additionally, when I connect my phone, it takes some time (40 seconds) till ActiveSync starts working/till I can access the data from Windows Explorer and until BirdieSync starts working. Maybe this is related to the other issue?

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Re: Does BirdieSync disconnect Wi-Fi/WLAN?

Post by Birdy » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:51 pm

Hello Philipp,

I don't think this problem is specifically related to BirdieSync. Windows Mobile has a limitation when you connect the mobile device to the desktop: it's not possible to have a Wi-Fi connection at the same time. If you open the Connection Manager on the mobile device, the Wi-Fi icon should be disabled. There might be a workaround though. You may try to use AirFix at your own risk. Note also that it should be possible to access to the Internet through your Windows Mobile connection to the desktop.

Regarding the time it takes to get your mobile device connected, again, it's the way Windows Mobile manages the connection. If you have a Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x device, I would try to switch from a RNDIS connection mode to a USB serial mode which is generally quicker to connect (at least for BirdieSync).

If your mobile device runs on Windows Mobile 6.x, you could try this new setting:

On your mobile device, go in "Parameters/Connections/USB to PC" and uncheck "Enable advanced network functionalities" or "Enable faster data synchronization".

If you have a Windows Mobile 5.x device and you don't have this option, you may try to use a tool called "usbswitch".

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