One calender not sync

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One calender not sync

Post by Casio060159 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:50 am

Following question: I sync with two computern one in the company and one privat. My goal is that I have both company meetings and privat meetings on my divice. But divice should not sync all the company meetings with my privat calendar. There fore I marked off if in BirdieSync options the calendar "company". This is the calender which not should be synchronised with my home PC. But up to now it's still not working. Birdysync alway sync all calendars on my home PC.
Are there any solutions / suggestions to avoid this?


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Re: One calender not sync

Post by Birdy » Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:02 am

Hello Casio060159,

What you could do is:
- Ensure to have all the home events on your mobile device bound to the category "Personal Address Book" (or the name of your address book).
- Ensure to have all the company events on your mobile device bound to the category "Company".
- In BirdieSync options/Events check:
- Link calendar to appointment category
- Don't synchronize appointments and tasks on the mobile with categories matching no calendar
- Ensure to not have a calendar "Company" checked for synchronization.
Then all the events with no category matching the calendar that you selected for synchronization will not be synchronized with your home PC.

You can set the category of your mobile device items automatically when first synchronizing with the "Replace" option (with the "Link calendar to appointment category" option selected)

Note that switching to this mode could lead to a lot of changes on your items especially if you synchronize with 2 computers.
So ensure to have a BACKUP of all your data before trying this as described in thisFAQ topic.

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