syncing problem using "every weekday"

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syncing problem using "every weekday"

Post by jtmedma » Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:47 pm

Not sure if it's just my phone sync or this is a problem with BirdieSync.
I am running the latest version of Thunderbird and Lightning (ver 3.1.2 and 1.0b2) on my pc w/Vista.
My phone is Samsung i760 running wm 6.1.
Using BirdieSync 2.0.2.

When I create a event into my calendar on Thunderbird using repeat "custom", daily - select "Every weekday", it shows up fine in Thunderbird (5 days,Mon -Fri) but
when I sync it (PC to Mobile phone), it shows up on my mobile phone everyday (7 days, Sun- Sat). I have seen this in the past but have reported it.
My work around is under "custom", choosing "weekly", and manually selecting Mon -Fri. (This seems to sync fine).
Has anyone else have this problem (did a a quick search but not hits), or is it pretty much my problem with older phone running WM 6.1.

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Re: syncing problem using "every weekday"

Post by Birdy » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:06 am

Hello Jim,

It might be a problem due to the synchronization. I'll make some tests.

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