Connection loss during syncronization

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Connection loss during syncronization

Post by Sprudel » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:43 pm


I use:
- BirdieSync
- Thunderbird 3.1.4
- Lightning 1.0b2

- Win 7 Prem. 64
- HTC Touch HD (WinMobile)

My problem is:
Sometime I'm able to establish the connection between my HTC and Thunderbird (with BirdieSync). Then the synconozation runs once or twice. After approximately 5 minuites BS shows the error message:
"Connection not established with mobile device"
And sometimes I'm not even able to estalish the connection at all. The only thing I could do then is to reboot my HTC and my Laptop and hope it will work again. It doesn't matter if I connect it via bluetooth or usb.

Here is the content of my log files:
Device, BirdieSync.log

Code: Select all

Local 2010-09-21 21:17:58::154 BirdieSync: version
Local 2010-09-21 21:17:58::303 Operating system: PocketPC, version 5.2
Local 2010-09-21 21:18:01::031 WARNING: Mail message should be cleaned from Watcher, id = 0x32000307 (GetLastError = 87)
Local 2010-09-21 21:18:36::189 Waiting for device connection...
Local 2010-09-21 21:18:57::542 Connected in RNDIS mode to the desktop
Local 2010-09-21 21:18:59::846 Connected in RNDIS mode to the desktop
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:07::874 Desktop address available
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:07::896 Connecting to the server...
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:10::326 Mobile device connected to the server
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:13::510 Time shift = -4
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:17::603 Listing all contacts on device
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:20::681 Number of contacts on device = 342
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:21::731 Listing all events on device
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:31::077 Number of events on device = 681
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:32::407 Listing all tasks on device
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:32::474 Number of tasks on device = 4
Local 2010-09-21 21:19:33::998 Listing all mails on device
Local 2010-09-21 21:20:05::991 Number of mails on device = 5303
Desctop, BirdieSync.log

Code: Select all

Local 2010-09-21 21:52:00::505 BirdieSync: version
Local 2010-09-21 21:52:00::505 Operating system: id 2, version 6.1, SP 0.0
Local 2010-09-21 21:52:00::630 Accepting connection...
Local 2010-09-21 21:52:00::630 Mobile device is disconnected
Local 2010-09-21 21:54:16::889 Mobile device has been cradled
Local 2010-09-21 21:54:46::920 ERROR: Mobile device is connected but BirdieSync didn't succeed to connect to the desktop (GetLastError = 0)
If you need other files from the archive, please let me know. I just use the Win firewall. But the problem appears even when I disable this firewall. I had the same problem with another Laptop before.


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