iPhone connection issues

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iPhone connection issues

Post by MadRobin » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:12 pm

"Connecion.Options" in the desktop app says to enter "," (I faked some numbers here) "identically" into the iPhone app. If I do that, an error messages saying "Impossible to connect to server" instantly pops up. However, I found that if I removed everything from the comma on (i.e. just ""), both the desktop and the iPhone report a connection. After a brief period, the iPhone app reports that is is no longer contected to the host. However, the desktop app keeps reporting that I am connected. The only way to get the iPhone to connect again is to exit Birdiesync on the desktop and restart it. I expect the iPhone would keep the coonection if I started a sync promptly.

So, am I doing anything wrong here or is that how it is supposed to work? Is the "," part of the address needed for anything? If not, why is it given in the desktop app?

I'm also having another problem with contact sync being disabled. I checked my Birdiesync options in Thunderbird and they appear to be set correctly I'll start a new thread for that issue.

I am running the latest versions of both Birdiesync ( and the iPhone app (

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Re: iPhone connection issues

Post by Birdy » Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:50 am

Hello MadRobin,

Yes, as you mentioned, you must only enter ONE UNIQUE IP address in the iPhone settings. So if you have several IP addresses (separated with commas), choose only one. For instance 192.168.x.x usually refers to a local IP address that you can reach with your Wi-Fi connection. You must not enter all the IP addresses separated with commas in your iPhone settings.

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