android 2.1 and Sunbird syncing

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android 2.1 and Sunbird syncing

Post by zdenek.picek » Wed May 18, 2011 5:51 pm

I have xperia X10 (standard 4") with android 2.1 and would be happy to sync with Sunbird 1.0b1. BirdieSync after connecting with USB showing error mesage "The mobile device calendar was not found. The calendar "home" selected for synchronization was not found on mobile device" and mentioned about supporting HTC Sence issue.
But I have xperia X10 (!).
I passed for 3 days searching web to find solution, but nothing found.
I do not prefer send my data somewhere in the cloud, I prefer conect X10 with notebook and simply sync Sunbird (as I already did with HP handheld and notebook using BirdieSync).
Is there any solution ? Or I have to wait for upgrade to android 2.2 or 2.3 ? And will I have same problem with xperia arc (with android 2.3)?
Thank you for reply.

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Re: android 2.1 and Sunbird syncing

Post by Birdy » Thu May 19, 2011 7:59 am

Hello Zdenek,

You shoud find more information in this thread.

On Android 2.1 device (not HTC), you can only synchronize with a Google calendar which already exists on the mobile device because of a limitation of Android 2.1.
You need to create this Google calendar (which can be empty) on the Web (with a Google account) and then synchronize it (with Google synchronization) on your mobile device to create it. Then it will be possible to synchronize with BirdieSync in this calendar with the restrictions mentioned in the other thread.
This problem no longer exists with Android 2.2 (and so 2.3).

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