Installing BirdieSync on HD2 fails

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Installing BirdieSync on HD2 fails

Post by svole » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:49 am

Hello Birdy and all others,

until now i was very pleased with the way birdie sync worked with my first hd2. yesterday i got a new hd2 from vodafone cause the first one crashed last week.
i deinstalled birdie sync on my laptop and ran a new installation several times with and without active norton internet security (firewall/virus). the problem is, that the installation on my mobile device isn't the same as it was on the first hd2. i wasn't asked to run the installation. it just started right away after the install on the laptop. then birdie sync starts and says that no mobiledevice could be found. as i said i ran the installation several times and i deactivated even firewall and virusscanner without a change in the problem.

i made some screenshots from the install:


what i don't know is if it is the problem that the instruction set is unavailiable as you can see. haw can i change this if it is needed? where can i get it?


normally at this point i was asked to start the install on the mobile. but it just starts without asking.


i then tried to solve the problem with filling in the registration file and restarting. but that won't work.

my system and programversions are:

windows 7 pro 32bit
thunderbird 3.1.10
htc hd2 with windows 6.5 mobile
latest version of birdiesync

could you please help me cause i need my calendar and contacts badly :-)

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Re: Installing BirdieSync on HD2 fails

Post by Birdy » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:38 pm

Hello svole,

The non detection of the instruction set shouldn't be a problem. All Pocket PCs use an ARM processor.
The installation on the mobile device now runs without using ActiveSync application manager. That's why now, you don't see any new window.

Did you see the installation of BirdieSync running on your mobile device ?
At the end of this installation, did you the screen displayed on the mobile device like your second screenshot ?
If yes, after having closed Thunderbird/Sunbird, disconnected, reconnected your mobile device and waited for the end of the synchronization (or the connection error), could you send your logs with the Thunderbird/Sunbird menu "Tools/BirdieSync/Archive logs..." to support(at) ?

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