Very long event sync time when nothing has changed

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Very long event sync time when nothing has changed

Post by Stef » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:18 pm

The syncing process of events takes a very long time even when no event has changed.
I have altogether about 1200 events in 6 calendars and for comparision about 600 contacts (in 1 adress book).
When nothing has changed sync time for events is about 45sec(!) and for comparision for contacts about 3sec.
Why does the comparision of events take so much time? Is it possible to reduce the sync time to several seconds as it is for contacts?
Thank you,Birdie, for your chat assistance.
In the meantime I've tested the event synchronization with MyPhoneExplorer (MPE). It seems that this tool has a special sync method because with it only the first sync takes much time. Afterwards the sync finishes within some seconds.

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