WM: only relative reminder date will be synced

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WM: only relative reminder date will be synced

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I encountered that only relative reminder dates, i.e. x hours before/after start/end of an task will be synced between WM6.5 (HTC HD2)
an Lightning 1.2.1 (TB 10.1.1) on WIN7 using BirdieSync (and version before)

Adding/editing a task at the mobile, the given "fixed date and time" will be "translated" to a relative time like "10 hours after the end". This will synced to TB and shown as "user defined 10 hours after the end".
But if I add a fixed date and time to a task in TB, no reminder is synced to WM. Existing reminders at WM will be deleted.

I guess relative reminder times are the way WM is working.
What is with idea to "translate on the fly" fixed TB date and times to relative ones?

I guess this is similar to the handling of reminders with other calendar entries.



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Re: WM: only relative reminder date will be synced

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Hello Ralf,

Yes, Windows Mobile manages relative reminders (10mn before for instance) while Lightning manages relative and absolute reminders (at a specific date and time). Presently BirdieSync only manages relative reminders in Lightning. That may be for historical reasons (not sure about that) if absolute reminders were added after.
So by now, I think that if a reminder is defined with an absolute reminder in Thunderbird it is not synchronized. I'll see if it's possible to add this feature.
But note that when synchronized for the first time from Windows Mobile, by default, reminders would still be relative in Thunderbird.

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