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Can't remove BirdieSync from Mobile (WM 6.5)

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:31 am
by CarstenKausB

I've got a problem. My HTC HD2 crashes during a sync. I've got a Backup but now, I cannot install Birdiesync because there is an older version on the phone.
The installer told me, that first the older version has to be removed, but the system can't do it and the installation failed.

Now I want to remove Birdiesync by hand. I think I have to remove the registry keys, but where do I find them?

Sorry for my awfull english! :-)

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Re: Can't remove BirdieSync from Mobile (WM 6.5)

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:51 am
by CarstenKausB
..soo, I fixed it by myself.

Step by step:

1. Delete Birdiesync in the "Autostart" Folder and restart the phone
2. Search for "Birdie" and "Callicia" Entrys in the Registry with a Registry Editor Program and delete them
3. Search on the Phone for "Birdie" and "Callicia" Folders and delete them
4. At last, the Program is on the "Installed Programs" List. So the phone thinks Birdiesync is still there. I tried a Demo of "SK Tools". This Demo let you work only with the first 6 Entrys but happily "Callicia BirdieSync" was the 5th. :-) With that Tool I removed the Entry. I don't know, perhaps you don't need the first three steps if you using this tool.

Now, I installed BirdieSync again and everything is fine.