ICS (4.0.3) - App not starting

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ICS (4.0.3) - App not starting

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First of all - I'm a happy customer since 2009 - so happy first with the win Mobile version and then changing to Android.

Now my Problem. Handy Syncing is working fine, but I tried to sync my data to the android tablet - and it's not working.

My Tablet is using 4.0.3 - Before the update on 3.2, BirdieSync worked just finde.

Now when I try to start the app on the tablet - it pops up for 5 seconds and then I am back on the Home Screen.

BTW - still the feature to choose which adress books and calendars are synced on which device would be AWESOME.


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Re: ICS (4.0.3) - App not starting

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Hello Kodachi,

When you are back to the Home screen, are you proposed to send a crash report ?

Right after you get this problem, would it be possible to send me (support(at)birdiesync.com) Android log with one of this application:
If you have an email account on your Android device:
http://www.androidzoom.com/android_appl ... r_tlt.html
Or if you don't have an email account, you may use:
http://www.androidzoom.com/android_appl ... _odew.html
(you must start Log Toaster BEFORE running BirdieSync, and then you can save the log on your SD card to retrieve it with the PC once your mobile device is connected and then send it by email).

Regarding the address books and calendars to be synchronized along with the devices (so with different settings I guess), it would require some important changes but maybe in the future...

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