Hot to set an new Calender in birdiesync???

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Hot to set an new Calender in birdiesync???

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Hello there,

on my sgs2 i have installed birdiesync On my Destop-Computer i am using Thunderbird 17.0 and Lightning 1.9. Here i have 5 calenders (caldav) already in use and in synchronisation with perfect funktion.

Now i need another kalender. I created it in Lightning and allowed the synchronisation in both ways in the Birdiey-Sync Add-on in the Thunderbird Add-on-Manager. The syncronisation works fine except of the new calendar wich i can´t find nowhere.

How can i set the new calendar on my phone??? I tried in the calendar-app over Menu-Options-Calendars - there are the 5 existing calenders but not the new one for sync-choice. Even in the Birdie-App there is just an opportunity to remove calender but not to import or create a new calender.

I don´t find any solution, how to get this damn new calendar of mine on my sgs2... :(

anybody here to help me? I hope, my description is somewhere near clear, my english is not at its best...


---- EDIT ---

Problem gelöst - man sollte evtl. auch einen Termin eintragen - dann wird der Kalender automatisch übertragen und erscheint...
problem solved - no dates in calendar, no sync.... :oops:

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Re: Hot to set an new Calender in birdiesync???

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I am having a similar question. I am successfully syncing the 7 calendars that were in Thunderbird when I installed BirdieSync. I am syncing to my phone from my desktop. Now i have added another calendar to Thunderbird and have added an event to that calendar. If it makes any difference, the event was imported into the calendar in Thunderbird. The event was downloaded from a web site as an .ics file.

I can't seem to get it to sync to my phone. I've read through the FAQs, the help, and the forum and for the life of me I can't figure out how to tell BirdieSync to sync this new calendar to my phone. When I look at the available calanders to display on the phone, the other 7 calendars are shown, but not the new one. I am using the BirdieSync calendar on my phone. Can anyone help me with this?

EDIT: Oops... I just figured it out. I had forgotten about the Tools > BirdieSync > Options in Thunderbird. :oops:



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Re: Hot to set an new Calender in birdiesync???

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Yes, if you add a new calendar in Thunderbird, it's not automatically synchronized. You must select it to be synchronized in BirdieSync options in Thunderbird.

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