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Android-does BirdieSync create a new calendar?

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:55 pm
by calvin-c
I'm new to both Android & BirdieSync. Everything is working fine on the Thunderbird end but I'm confused by the messages I get from BirdieSync when I select calendars other than the BirdieSync calendar on my phone. Can BirdieSync synchronize the local phone calendar? Is it a naming problem? I noticed that the new calendar BirdieSync created is named Home, just as my default calendar is in Lightning.

I'm also not sure about the naming conventions in Android-the BirdieSync calendar is shown as being at com.callicia.birdiesync. Does this mean it's out on the Internet? Somebody told me that if com comes first then it's actually local. I don't trust incomplete explanations however-inquiring minds want to know (the truth).

I think I've gotten the other calendars figured out. Phone is the actual calendar stored locally on my phone. The Local My Calendar is the virtual calendar formed by merging all the other calendars. It seems to me that it'd be simpler if I just had one calendar, stored locally on my phone and synced to Lightning via BirdieSync. Can i do that? If so, how?

Thanks. Wonderful product by the way.

Re: Android-does BirdieSync create a new calendar?

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:46 pm
by Birdy
Hello calvin-c,

Despite the type of BirdieSync account ("com.callicia.birdiesync"), all calendars created in BirdieSync account are LOCAL. There is no synchronization in the cloud. "com.callicia.birdiesync" is not related in any way to an Internet domain name.

Presently, the names of the synchronized calendars must be identical (with the same upper and lower cases). So if you synchronize a "Home" calendar in Thunderbird, it will be synchronized with a "Home" calendar on the Android device. If not calendar exists with this name on the Android device in the selected accounts to be synchronized in BirdieSync app settings, a new local calendar with the name "Home" will be created in the DEFAULT calendar account. It's recommended to user BirdieSync account as the default calendar because it's not always possible to create calendars in the other accounts (whether local Phone account or Google account for instance).

BirdieSync synchronizes one calendar on the Android device with a calendar with the same name in Thunderbird (but you can synchronize several calendars if you wish).
This should become more flexible in the next evolutions of BirdieSync...

Let me know if you still have questions regarding the current process.

Re: Android-does BirdieSync create a new calendar?

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:52 pm
by calvin-c
Thank you. I think that tells me what I need to know. So far BirdieSync has been wonderful. I think I can streamline things somewhat as I gain experience-right now I sync with a separate addressbook in TBird because I've got a lot of 'junk' in my Personal address book that I don't want on my phone. Unfortunately that makes me duplicate my phone contacts. What I probably need to do is set up a separate addressbook for the historical contacts I want to save but don't actively use. By cleaning out my Personal address book I can sync to it & get rid of the duplication. That's part of what I was looking at in event syncing-getting rid of the duplication from having multiple calendars.