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Configuration Display - minor interface issue

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:37 pm
by mikeduncan177
This is just a suggestion to improve the understanding of the Configuration window. it applies to the selectable options in the Header bar of each region of the display. For example, if I have selected the Thunderbird Profile source and am working on Events sync, then the area I am referring to is entitled "Event calendars" in the fourth column.

This applies to the following On/Off options:
  • Hide empty existing folders
  • Display folders synchronized
  • Display folder items
You are using the same color background to indicate the On state AND that the item is currently in focus by the position of the mouse. How about using a Green background for the On condition? You might want to compare with how the Thunderbird menus work, for example View|Toolbars. They are using a check mark to indicate selected and if you mouse over it, you can still see the status of the parameter when it is in-focus.

Re: Configuration Display - minor interface issue

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:45 am
by Birdy
Hello Mike,

Thank you for the suggestion. I think I understand what you mean. When you point the mouse cursor on a toggle button, it is presently not possible to make the difference between the simple focus, or the enabling of the button.
I'll see how it could be possible to enhance this. As a possible alternative and to be coherent with the other focus in the Configuration panel, the button could also be highlighted but without a frame since not selected/enabled.

Re: Configuration Display - minor interface issue

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:08 am
by mikeduncan177
You understand what I am suggesting. When first using the configuration display, a user is in a "learning mode" and needs to point at the icon to determine what it is; and as you say, the focus shading of the icon prevents determining where the parameter is on or off. I have been looking around other apps to see how they are handling this. It seems to be an issue with other apps. However, Thunderbird menus use a separate check-mark to indicate "on" which can be seen even when the parameter is in-focus.

As I suggested, I like the Green background to an icon to indicate "on". You already use green for the ON indicator in the Sync column. Maybe you could use a lighter green when the parameter is On and the cursor is positioned over it.

I know this is a relatively minor aspect compared with the complexities of syncing all the data, but.....the Configuration display is a lot to learn when first encountering it, so anything that makes it more understandable will ease the user's learning curve.