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Will BirdieSync be available for TB+Lightning Linux ?

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:35 am
by cbhihe
Hi again (@Birdie included :) ) !

Now that the new platform and server architecture for the new BirdieSync 3.0 has come to us (courtesy of Calicia), it is time again for me to ask:
WIll BirdieSync 3.0 become available to TB + Lightning users on Linux ?
Are there any development plan or even a tentative roll-out date for that ?

If there is a plan to port it to lx, I'd recommend a .deb package rollout to start with.
Don't nail me to the door, guys (!), as I personally don't just work with .deb packages. It is just that BrdieSync seems to be a single user (pretty) thing and in the lx world, .deb packages will speak to a (relative) majority of such lx-desktop users. I am thinking about such distros as {U,LU,XU}buntu and derivatives, Mate, Cinammon, Mint and a few others....

Re: Will BirdieSync be available for TB+Lightning Linux ?

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:26 pm
by Birdy
Hello cbhihe,

Let the final version of BirdieSync 3.0 be released and stabilize a bit :). It represents a lot of changes compared to version 2.x and still need some adjustements. Then we'll see what it would be possible to do in the future in term of platforms, data to synchronize and features...

Re: Will BirdieSync be available for TB+Lightning Linux ?

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:56 pm
by cbhihe
HI Birdie !
Thanks for your reply.
You know how well I think of BirdieSync. It is a must have for me. Been using it for the past 7 years.
I have asked you the same question every 6 months for about 15 months now. So this time was the third time.
The problem with your answer above is not that it does not make sense. It does make sense to concentrate on BirdieSync 3.0 and let it stabilize.
The actual problem is that you guys seem very good at not answering this very question.
I am not even asking for any set roll-out date. I am asking whether there is a serious intent on the part of Calicia and its developers to roll out
BirdieSync for Lx users in the foreseeable future.
Sorry to be blunt. I do not mean to antagonize you or any member of your team. I just want a yes or no. I can take either one for an answer.

Re: Will BirdieSync be available for TB+Lightning Linux ?

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:40 pm
by Birdy
I really appreciate your support and I thank you for that ! I understand that it can be frustrating to get the same answer all that time. The problem is simply that at the moment, I still don't have the final anwer to your question. When I say that BirdieSync 3.0 needs to be released first, it's because if presently requires all the attention. There are also many other features like Linux support that would be great to offer. New supported mobile device platform, new type of synchronized data, new features implemented in server. Users regularly communicate about it, and it's great that you do. But by now, I cannot tell you what the next features will be. So the current answer is still a simple "maybe", even if I'm aware that it's not a satisfactory answer. And the fact that a feature is not offered at one moment doesn't mean that it won't be in the future.

Re: Will BirdieSync be available for TB+Lightning Linux ?

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:18 pm
by cbhihe
Hi Birdy,

Thanks for yr time and reply. :)

My purpose here is not to kick a dead horse. You made your point and I understand it completely, even though I and (I know) quite a few others find it difficult to wait for so many moons.
I just want to underline that even with BirdieSync not being open-source, and not being free, I do believe that this app has a good chance of gaining acceptance in the *nix world.
I see a lot of request and queries out there in forums for just that type of tools. A lot of tech savvy users do not want to trust the cloud with their contacts and calendars AT ALL. Not even once at this point in time.
It is my case and because my mindset is far from unique, I post this to tell you that with the clear-cut server based architecture of version 3.0.x, you are well poised to migrate toward Linux, should you decide so.

Of course, you might have to rewrite part of the app's core to rely on a new set of libraries and that would of course require work on the part of Calicia's devs. before moving on to compile for the Linux kernel. However correctly building dependencies is well documented and all the work already done on your part to grab, manipulate, and restore data, etc. will need minimal intervention as you would be dealing with essentially the same cross-platform "sources" (in the sense that you give to the word in your documentation).

So anyway, this would not be like building the Eiffel tower all over again. You would be building from the second floor platform up, so to speak. :P


Oh, and BTW it is not just TB that is being talked about for synchronization under Linux. As far as off-line stand-alone email engines go, Evolution comes second as the default choice of nearly all Gnome platform users.