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Upgrade from v2

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:44 pm
by sgay
I have decided I would not postpone Thunderbird upgrades indefinitely... so I have upgraded to v38. Which means I also have upgraded BirdieSync to v3. I have configured everything the way it looks like it should be configured. So now I have two sources, Thunderbird and my iPhone. They have been synchronized with v2 but not with v3 so it shows "never synchronized". And "Combine this event calendar".

But all events have been synchronized with v2. So I have "Important meeting" at 11:00 in Thunderbird and iPhone, originally created on Thunderbird and later on synced to iPhone with v2.

What will happen when I synchronize with v3 for the first time?

Will it figure out that "Important meeting" is the same on both sides, or will it copy the Thunderbird event to iPhone and the iPhone event to Thunderbird, thus duplicating everything?

Re: Upgrade from v2

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:42 pm
by Birdy
Hello sgay,

Ideally, if you have the same event present on both the iPhone and in Thunderbird and choose "Combine" option, BirdieSync should recognize the events as identical and not transfer and copy them to the other source, duplicating them.
So at the end of synchronization, the 2 events should be marked as synchronized together without requiring any transfer (this is an improvement compared to 2.x version which required a transfer of all items, and then a removal of duplicates).

You may enable Operations preview (on the right of the synchronization progress bar, enabled by default) and check what will be performed during synchronization.
If BirdieSync doesn't recognize that the events are identical (because of slight differences), you'll then see a creation of each event on each source. So let's suppose that you have identical events on both the iPhone and Thunderbird, launch the synchronization and see creations on both sources, it means that you'll have duplicates for each creation. Ideally, if all events would be recognized as identical, no creations should take place.

If you have a lot of potential creations, you may cancel synchronization on preview, enable "Remove duplicates" (disabled by default) on the right of the synchronization progress bar, launch synchronization again and preview if less creations occur.

If you have a lot of potential creation of duplicates, it may be interesting to investigate on it to see if "Combine" mode could be improved.

Another possibility would be to Replace your items instead of Combining them (which can be achieved with the circular arrow button with the point, above the calendar list).

In any case, before synchronizing, ensure to have a recent backup of your items as described in this faq entry.

Re: Upgrade from v2

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:44 pm
by sgay
Thanks - was not too sure about preview - so I can launch the sync w/preview enabled, and cancel if it looks bad - that's great.

I expect the events to be "identical" as they were created by BirdieSync v2 when syncing.

Anyway - will test later today and report.

Re: Upgrade from v2

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:31 pm
by sgay
WOOHOO ! Out of a few years of calendar events in about 8 calendars, only 12 events were synchronized, 10 of them being new (and therefore expected) events. So, two confusions. Congrats !!