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Not syncronising

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:02 am
by wagnbeu0
Hi, I have the following Setup:

PC at Work with Win7 x64 and Outlook/Exchange
PC at Home with WIn7 x64 and Thunderbird

To synchronise both calender and address books I use an old windows mobile device with WM5 and birdiesync for years now.

Some weeks ago my Thunderbird got the update to 38.2.x. Since then I cannot sync anymore. So I installed the Birdiesync 3.x beta version. But now there is no sync anymore.

In the main windows I see that my local calender is having 600 items. the calender on the WM device is having 1900. After a successful sync my local Lighning calender should have also 1900 items, right?

But it does not. The items are still only 600, and a lot of appointments are missing, BUT: on the WM device I now have 3800, and all items are duplicated.

So my question is: Is the current beta working with TB38.2.0? Or does the old behaviour where I want just sync two computers with one device not work anymore?

Re: Not syncronising

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:25 pm
by wagnbeu0
OK, I downgraded my installation at home back to Thunderbird 31.x and Birdiesync 2.x

Now it is working again as it should!

Re: Not syncronising

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:30 pm
by Birdy
Hello wagnbeu0,

It's still possible to synchronize 2 Thunderbird located on different PCS with the new version of BirdieSync.

With which version of the beta did you synchronize ?
Which past synchronization period was selected in Event configuration for your Windows Mobile device and Thunderbird (Configuration view, Content column, Select Events, Gear button). Was the "Limit to synchronize past events" set to "None" in both case ?
If yes, at the end of the synchronization, the number of items should be identical in the 2 calendars synchronized together. It may be necessary to manually refresh the calendar list (with the circular arrow without point above the calendar list) to ensure that the number of items displayed in the "Items" column is correct and to also manually refresh the view which displays an overview of the calendar content.
If you have duplicates, you may try to enable "Remove duplicates" on the right of the main synchronization bar and launch a new synchronization to remove them.

It may be necessary to investigate to check why you had these missing events or duplicates at first combining. If you still have the problem, while your Windows Mobile device and Thunderbird are connected, and after a synchronization, build a log archive and send to support(at)