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Calendar Sync fails

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:50 pm
by Johnny

I just installed BirdieSync on my Android cellphone and tried to synchronise the contacts and the calendar (for security reasons I set the permission for the cellphone contacts/calendar to read only, since I'm basically using Thunderbird only as a backup for the cellphone). The sync of the contacts worked after it took me some time to understand the new interface, but not so the sync of the calendar. After the "listing events" progress bar is green for quite a long time (some minutes) the cellphone disconnects automatically, the bars turns red and a message appears on the phone that BirdieSync was stopped unexpectedly.

My cellphone is quite old (>4 years, Android v2) and there are over 2000 events. Could the sheer number of events cause problems? I tried to restrict the sync to 3 month in the past, but this didn't help. With the older BirdieSync versions the sync of the calendar always worked with a number of events not significantly lower as now.

I would be quite grateful for help!

Re: Calendar Sync fails

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:13 am
by Birdy
Hello Johnny,

First ensure that you have the latest version of BirdieSync app on your Android device ( at the moment). You can check the version with (i) button on the bottom right of BirdieSync app main screen on Android.
If you needed to update your app, please do so and relaunch the synchronization until you get the error (it's necessary because the new app version should not overwrite the logs after a restart of the app).

Then disable the automatic launch of the synchronization when you connect your Android device (BirdieSync server menu "File/Options...", untick "Launch the synchronization right after the connection of a source").

Connect your Android device to BirdieSync server (this is important to be able to get the logs), then build a log archive with menu "Help/Archive logs..." and send to support(at)