The %1 %2 is disabled

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The %1 %2 is disabled

Post by jfail » Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:47 pm

ThunderBird 45.2.0, BirdieSync (licensed version)

When syncing to my Android phone from my Windows 10 PC, I always get a "The %1 %2 is disabled, Event calendar "Holidays in United States" is disabled" error and "The %1 %2 disabled, Event calendar "Birthdays" is disabled.

I followed the error description to open thunderbird window, selected calendar but no calendar names are displayed in a calendar list for me to select and enable. So there is no way for me to enable them.

Any help for this?

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Re: The %1 %2 is disabled

Post by Birdy » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:34 am

Hello jfail,

If this error happens (event calendar is disabled), it may mean that a remote calendar in Thunderbird is disabled. Which means that Thunderbird doesn't retrieve its content from the Internet.

The list of calendars should be displayed in Lightning event tab in Thunderbird.
Open Event tab: click on the calendar icon in Thunderbird Windows title bar, or open menu "Events and tasks/Events".
Then once the calendar tab is opened, on the left, you should see the calendar list.
Select the calendar "Holidays in United States", right click and select menu "Properties".
Then at the top of the Properties window, enable the calendar (which should be disabled if you got the error).

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