Email account ignored in sync

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Email account ignored in sync

Post by mnw » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:47 am

I actually have a few issue with the current version of Birdiesync. (

System(s) Spec

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate)
Thunderbird v2.0.0.19
WMDC x64 6.1.6965

Acer S200 Neo Touch
Windows Mobile 6.5
WMDC (Active Sync 6.1)

Firstly when i connect the PPC I get a little ERROR! alert box containing NO information. I have tracked it down and it is generated by WMDhost.exe (*32). What the error is and why it is happening I don't know.

I have a rogue email account on the PPC that I've never used (setup), I have all outlook check boxes unticked in WMDC on the PC and cannot get rid of this account from the PPC (I have tried the registry hack here but it causes more problems than it solves) Anyway...

I have birdiesync setup to sync email inboxes from 2 accounts a and a account. Gmail syncs just fine but the account is entirely ignored, which is not ideal.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled many of the various components involved several times. And the best I can do is to geet the email synced into the default outlook email account. (from which one cannot send/receive on the PPC).

In summary.
I would like to entirely remove the Outlook email account from the PPC.?
Sync my email account with the PPC?
Find out what 'ERROR' is being generated on connection of the PPC to the PC?

Any help gladly received.

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Re: Email account ignored in sync

Post by Birdy » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:58 am

Hello Mnw,

I don't know how to remove the E-mail Outlook on the mobile device. And I'm not sure it wouldn't have side effects with BirdieSync. Don't forget also that mails coming from "Local folders" in Thunderbird are synchronized in this mobile device mail account.

Regarding your other problem, after having closed Thunderbird/Sunbird, disconnected, reconnected your mobile device and waited for the end of the synchronization, could you send your logs with the Thunderbird/Sunbird menu "Tools/BirdieSync/Archive logs..." to support(at) ?

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