Problem update with TB-Portable

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Problem update with TB-Portable

Post by Hardie82 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:59 am

Hi all,

I have thunderbird-portable installed at my usb-stick and birdiesync installed at my notebook. Everythings work fine, but today I noticed that there is a new version of birdiesync. So I wanted to update it from to the newest one. Therefore I started the add-on-dialog of thunderbird and pressed the "find updates"-button. But birdiesync gave the message, that it couldn't find an update. The originall message is "Update not supported (install location is not managed by Thunderbird)". What can I do to update birdiesync? I think it's a problem with the portable thunderbird, isn't it?


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Re: Problem update with TB-Portable

Post by Birdy » Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:43 pm

Hello Hardie,

BirdieSync add-on in Thunderbird is not managed in the same way as usual add-ons. It cannot be uninstalled or upgraded manually. To uninstall it, you have to fully install BirdieSync and then restart Thunderbird. The add-on will be automatically removed. If you want to upgrade the add-on, you must fully reinstall BirdieSync. All this because all parts of BirdieSync are linked together and shouldn't be upgraded separately.

If you have a portable version of Thunderbird, you must be careful when you upgrade BirdieSync. It is recommended to uninstall BirdieSync, restart Thunderbird to uninstall the add-on and then reinstall BirdieSync. This is to avoid some problem with the cache of the extension manager. If you have a strange behavior like an incorrect version number for BirdieSync add-on or the BirdieSync menu which is not displayed, I suggest you to apply what is mentioned in this FAQ topic.

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