Tasks, PocketInformant, Galaxy S

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Tasks, PocketInformant, Galaxy S

Post by ChristianRR » Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:45 pm

Trying to find a way to sync Thunderbird tasks with my Galaxy S, without Google. BirdieSync FAQ says it can sync PocketInformant tasks. Does that mean proper two-way sync between PI tasks and TB tasks?

If yes to previous question, does anyone here have this working on a Samsung Galaxy S (PocketInformant maker says it cannot sync on Galaxy S, but I'm guessing this is with standard Google sync, not with BirdieSync...) ?

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Re: Tasks, PocketInformant, Galaxy S

Post by Birdy » Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:19 pm

Hello ChristianRR,

Sorry this FAQ entry was only valid for Windows Mobile device and should be updated. On Android devices, by now BirdieSync cannot synchronize tasks and mails. Also the other problem with tasks is that there is no native task application on Android devices, so no common way to store tasks on the device. And I don't think that PocketInformant provides a public access to its tasks to developers of other applications.

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Re: Tasks, PocketInformant, Galaxy S

Post by palmfriend » Sun May 01, 2011 3:27 pm

Hope that Astrid will get a sync with thunderbird. It's Open Source and have apis and sync solutions.

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