I deleted my contact....

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I deleted my contact....

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Hi Everyone,

Today I saw that my phone had still the sub categories of gmail, whatsapp and so on.
In Birdiesync on my PC I had no such sub categories.
So I thought to myself befor I even had my first Coffee: Easy just delete all Contacts on the Phone and sync them wirth BirdieSync.

That was obviously a terrible mistake and now I'm crying.

Is there a Folder even a temporary one where BordieSync moves the Contacts before actually deleting them?


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Re: I deleted my contact....

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I'm really sorry but BirdieSync doesn't keep a copy of contacts in case these contacts were removed on a source and then synchronized.
That's why it is highly recommended to do a backup of Thunderbird or of the Android device before synchronizing for the first time.

But note that by default, BirdieSync displays a warning with the Preview operations window and ask for confirmation if 10 or more contacts were accidentally removed on a source and are up to be deleted in other sources during synchronization.

All deleted contacts are listed in the History view, but you'll only find the name of the contacts and not the associated data (phone numbers, emails, etc.) attached to these contacts.

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