Choosing which Address Book to sync in Thunderbird

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Choosing which Address Book to sync in Thunderbird

Post by stef_204 » Sun Dec 16, 2007 3:28 am


When one has several Address Books in Thunderbird, is it possible to choose WHICH to sync or not to sync?

Can one sync more than one Address Book?


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Post by Birdy » Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:37 pm


Yes it is possible. If you look in BirdieSync options (Tools/BirdieSync options/Address book/Address book) you will find a list of address book where you can choose which ones you want to synchronize with your mobile device. I suggest you to have a look to BirdieSync help file where you will find more information regarding the "default address book" and the different other options of the synchronization of address books.

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