Price and functionality

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Nigel R
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Price and functionality

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Greetings from sunny South Africa :-)

Have been researching ways to sync desk PC with mobile (iPAQ) and today was the day I decided to "make it work"!
Bottom line is that was choice between "Birdie" and "FinchSync" with obvious preference for latter due to price <smile>!

So, followed the instructions and encountered problems with FinchSync in that seems (unless I do not understand procedure correctly?) a 'ics' file is mandatory (used for the synchronisation process) and this has to be generated MANUALLY via a "export" function. Installed Birdie and also some 'hic ups' but wow! IT WORKS!!! Not yet 100% but am confident that with CORRECT configuration all will be good <BIG SMILE>!

Now we come to issue of price.... As with many other countries, the exchange rate is not good for me to pay in Euro but then (as noted by another user) what price do you put on being able to achieve desired goals? In my case I have an absolute dislike for the imposed alternatives which is why am running Thunderbird / Firefox on desk PC (also Ubuntu on notebook where no need for ANY other propriety applications...) but also wish to have MOBILE data on hand via IPAQ as during the day when away from office (I work from home) or other locations (e.g. review of next days activities prior to retiring for the night [usually early hours of the morning <grin>] in bedroom) will be used to add appointments / review tasks and so on. Did consider changing to a PALM device as way of solving challange but seems the vast majority of applications I would like to use on mobile platform are only available for the type of OS on device I have purchased (iPAQ 4700 - long discontinued...) so I guess after my 21 day evaluation expire, I will be making the payment required so as to continue using what seems (has only been installed less than 1hr as I write this note!) to be a VERY PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT! Well done and keep up the good work! Very best regards from Nigel R

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