On again, off again...

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On again, off again...

Post by Carpevis » Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:01 am


I'm currently running a dual boot XP Pro/Win 200 Pro system.

I got a Moto9Qc a few months ago and established a nice sync between it and my computer running Windows 2000 Pro and Outlook 2000. Then I got fancy, did some hard drive magic and created a second boot drive and installed XP Pro (SP2). Not wanting to pay for another Office license, I did some research and found your product, bought it, installed it on the XP side and all was good with the world.

I had Birdiesync working fine on my WinXP (SP2) side until my video card blew up. I managed to get the Win 2000 side going in another computer while I waited impatiently for a replacement video card, and since my Thunderbird files all point to the same e-mail for both OS's, I re-established another sync with the Win 2000 side. This involved having to delete the previous one I had (three profiles is apparently a no-no and for some reason, it didn't recognize it from before).

The difference is on Win 2000, I have Outlook 2000. On the XP side, I don't use any MS Office products. I'm using BirdieSync, Microsoft Activesync 4.5, Thunderbird 2.0.17, Lightning 0.9 on both sides. Oh, and I could never get Thunderbird and my Moto talking on the Win2000 side without uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook.

My video card came today and my relief that the video card blowing up didn't take the motherboard with it makes my mood somewhat higher than usual but in reactivating the myriad of peripherals I have, I've discovered I can't sync anymore, getting that dreaded error code 85010014 instead of a nice, fast sync. The bluetooth connection won't sync, either, but that's not a major concern for me. I want to be sure the cable syncs first. I'll play with the bluetooth later.

So, all things being equal (the new video card is identical to the old one, so no new configurations there, and the XP side would not boot up at all in the other computer, so no changes there.) I'm wondering if I have to delete the device and reestablish it again? I'd rather not do that, but I'd also rather sync with the XP side than the 2000 side since I'm using it more.
Narrative aside, here's a breakdown of the sequence of events:

First successful sync on Windows 2000 using Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 and Outlook 2000.
Successful sync on Windows XP using Thunderbird 1.0.17, BirdieSync, Lightning 0.9 and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Bought and registered BirdieSync.
Video card blew up. (NOTE: NOT RELATED TO USING YOUR PROGRAM!!! It was a 5 year old video card.)
Windows 2000: Installed Birdiesync, Deleted previous mobile device profile. Uninstalled Outlook. Reinstalled Outlook, successfully synced Thunderbird.
Video card arrived and installed successfully.
Using the same versions as above (and as before), tried syncing. Error 85010014 showing up for the XP profile. Reinstalled Birdiesync. Same result.

What suggestions do you have? I'm all ears here. :?

(EDIT): I uninstalled everything, reinstalled it, deleted the profiles, lost all my contacts (I had them saved) and can now sync, so I think it's all good again. But BirdieSync seems to not like syncing between two different computers at all. Thanks anyway, but I solved the problem.
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Re: On again, off again...

Post by Birdy » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:58 am


Before any operation, I strongly suggest you to backup your data as mentioned in this FAQ topic.

If I understand well, you try now to synchronize again on the XP OS were you used to synchronize before your video card blew up and get a 85010014 error.

This error can happen if for instance the Outlook mapi.dll was replaced on the system by another program. So reinstalling Outlook can sometimes help. But it's weird since it seems that Outlook has never been installed on the XP OS...

Did you also check that USB connections were allowed in ActiveSync connection options ? (if you use the cable)
You may also try with another USB cable (sometimes there are hardware problems with cables).

I would have also tried to delete the ActiveSync partnership on the XP OS.

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Re: On again, off again...

Post by Carpevis » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:18 pm

The problem wasn't the cable, it was apparently the previous (Windows 2000) profile, even though I deleted it. I ended up having to delete all profiles and associations, uninstall Birdie Sync and Active Sync, reinstall Active Sync, reinstall BirdieSync, (and proceeded to lose all of my contacts, schedule and tasks in both the phone and the computer in the process - but the computer contact list was backed-up, I only had 2 tasks (which I copied from the Windows 2000 side) and my calendar was pretty free at the moment) and the whole thing finally worked.

I went to the 2000 side and exported the contacts, then imported them on the XP side and uploaded that. I copied my task notes into Notepad and made new ones on the XP side and didn't worry about the calendar.

BirdieSync doesn't seem to like maintaining two profiles if you have to delete one to add another. The first profile (on Windows 2000) didn't use BirdieSync at all since I had Outlook. Since I prefer having all of my data in one place, when I added the XP dual boot option, I chose Thunderbird for my syncing since that's been my e-mail client for years. (hence not installing Outlook on my XP side). I didn't have much trouble getting BirdieSync to work on XP the first time. I made no other changes (One profile with Outlook on 2000, the other with XP and BirdieSync). My mistake was trying to add Birdiesync to the windows 2000 side after my video card melted down. I deleted the previous 2000 profile and got the new profile working, but moving back to the XP side, I couldn't get ANY profile to work, though I hadn't touched the XP profiles or settings.

Started with one profile without BirdieSync on Windows 2000
Added one profile with BirdieSync on Windows XP
Deleted the 2000 profile on Windows 2000 and added one for BirdieSync after the video card fiasco.
Had to delete all files and associations, lose contacts, etc to get BirdieSync to sync when I went back to XP.

Not sure why it was so hard to come back to XP, but it really got indigestion when that happened.

Still, it only cost me a seven hours of my time, some lost hair follicles and paint peeling from colorful verbal expressions.

Thanks anyway for your help.

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