Release of BirdieSync (Thunderbird 38.x)

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Release of BirdieSync (Thunderbird 38.x)

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Caution: Some specific events or tasks in Thunderbird with modified or deleted occurrences could be considered as modified and synchronized again to other sources

Bug corrections:

- iPhone events on iCloud could be considered as different when combined at first synchronization with similar events in other sources, leading to duplicates
- On Windows Mobile daily events which were falling outside the past synchronization period could be considered as deleted
- If an external monitor was plugged, BirdieSync could possibly not detect USB connection of an Android device
- Identical events or tasks on different sources with modified or deleted occurrences could be considered as different when combined at first synchronization, leading to duplicates
- An item falling outside the synchronization period, with option to delete items outside enabled, could be deleted at each synchronization, although already deleted
- When declaring a new source, wizard could hang on
- If log archiver could not copy a file (access denied for instance), it displayed an unexpected error
- Special characters in installer were not displayed properly
- Error message mentioning that the Windows Mobile version was too recent has been updated
- Message about end of evaluation period has been updated
- The message mentioning that contact or calendar access was not granted on iPhone has been updated


I'm very happy to announce that BirdieSync 3.0 is now available ! :-) It offers a new Synchronization Engine as well as a new User Interface. It provides more powerful synchronization features and flexible configuration.

Support of new version of Thunderbird

- Support of Thunderbird 38.x and embedded Lightning 4.0.

New synchronization engine:

- Mobile devices can be synchronized independently from Thunderbird
- It's possible to synchronize with Thunderbird installed on a remote PC
- Synchronization operations can be previewed before they are performed
- Connection to BirdieSync server can be automatic
- Address book and calendar names and colors are now synchronized
- In case of conflicts, the differences between the items is displayed
- At first synchronization, identical items present on both devices don't need to be transfered to get synchronized
- At first synchronization, in case of problem, the synchronization resumes where it was stopped to avoid creating duplicates

New configuration:

- Configuration is more flexible and centralized in one place in BirdieSync
- Different synchronization settings can be selected for each device and user
- It's possible to preview the content of an address book or calendar
- Address books or calendars with different names can be synchronized together
- Mobile devices can be synchronized in read only mode
- Thunderbird content can be replaced with mobile devices one
- Address book and calendars can be shared between different users
- Virtual address books and calendars can be mapped to either the whole mobile device, accounts or groups
- Android drivers installed on the PC can be listed
- IP addresses of the server are listed and detailed
- Guides are available to help you install or configure BirdieSync

New User Interface:

- The User Interface was redesigned
- A toolbar is present in Thunderbird to launch synchronization
- History entries have different colors for more clarity
- Alerts are unobstrusive

And more...

Consult this link for more information about new features in BirdieSync 3.0:

Future developments:

This version has a lot of changes compared to version 2.x, bringing new features and more flexibility. But it may take some time to get used to the new way of configuring synchronization. BirdieSync will continue to evolve and see how to make this process easier.
BirdieSync is still in English at the moment.

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