Thanks and Syncing without login

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Thanks and Syncing without login

Post by gcastro »

Thanks a lot for some of the last updates you have done, specifically:

1. The ability to sync with an arbitrary contacts database, not only the stock one, this is very useful for me to synchronize Lotus Notes at my office (Using Lotus traveler)
2. The ability to sync using USB

However I had to admit that in the last times the wifi sync has started to grow in me, however there is a mayor problem for that: If I am in my computer, then I connect my phone in USB then the sync occurs, this is very natural.

Using wi-fi hoever, I need to: go to my conputer, be sure I am the user logged in and then start the sync and then answer in the computer any questions about the syncronization.... it kind of defeats the purpose of beign able to start the sync from the phone.

So my question is: is is possible at all to have a windows service that will run and do the sync even if we are not logged in or if another user is logged in?

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Re: Thanks and Syncing without login

Post by Birdy »

Hello gcastro,

Glad you liked the previous improvements.
Regarding the last suggestion, I don't know if it's easy to do. It would be necessary to impersonate BirdieSync process so that it runs under the required user account. Which may be possible if BirdieSync runs as a service. And then it should start Thunderbird to be able to synchronize with it. I don't know what would be the impact of having Thunderbird running under such conditions. And it would require to be able to fully control BirdieSync from the phone if questions are asked to the user. It could be interesting to know if other users are interested in this feature as well.

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Re: Thanks and Syncing without login

Post by servantoftheking »

for me it would be nice, but not a must have!

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