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Keep track of the last servers

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:14 am
by paolilla25
Sometimes it happens that you need to connect wifi and sync under different networks (hotel, work, school, friends,...) and your pc server cannot be located on the network using its usual name. An IP address is required.
Of course you enter it, in the "connect to server" field (on the smartphone), overwriting the previous info.

Well, this is very annoying, especially if you need to switch often among the same few places (e.g. repeated visits to same friends, colleagues, offices,...). You need to re-enter the same info maybe several times a week, or even the same day.

I kindly ask that the last (let say, 5) ip addresses or names supplied are saved and listed for selection when the user needs to re-enter the "connect to server".

Best regards,