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repeating tasks are not correctly transferred to Android

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:27 pm
by nocoke

I'm using Sunbird/Calendar (Calendar v1.0b3pre) portable on my Win7 64bit and synchronize with my HTC Android v4.0.3 using BirdieSync v2.4.5.2.
On my Android I use "aCalendar+", which just gives another graphical frontend to the builtin calendar-app.
"aCalendar+" uses the same DB as the calendar-app on Android.


On my Desktop (Sunbird/Calendar) I created three repeated task, one of them "every wednesday", repeated until 2014/02/07,
the other two "every friday", one starting at 08:15, the other one at 17:00, repeated until 2014/02/07 as well.


(I smudged personal information from the screenshot.)

After Synchronization, I find all the 3 task on my Android as expected...
But I get 3 additional tasks, that repeat every day!
The additional tasks don't have any name/description and the starting-times... two of them do at least have the starting-times of the original tasks (08:15 and 15:30), the third one has 08:15 as well, though the third original task would actually be 17:00.


I marked the correct tasks with an orange "X" in the screenshot.
All other tasks are not present in Sunbird/Calendar.
After deleting them from the Android-Calendar and re-syncing (sync-direction only Desktop -> Android!) those daily "ghost-tasks" are recreated.

I tried completely deleting the calendars from both Sunbird/Calendar and Android and reconfigure them on the Desktop... after Sync, it looks the same.
Taking a look at the built-in Android-Calendar gives the same result ( both apps use the same DB on Android) ... just optically even more confusing.

Other tasks that appear only once, are sync-ed correctly... so I think there might be a flaw in the interpretation of "special" task-attributes regarding repetition.

Can anyone verify this or similar behaviour?
Is there a workaround or even a cure?

Best Regards.

Re: repeating tasks are not correctly transferred to Android

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:59 am
by Birdy
Hello nocoke,

When you talked about "tasks", I guess you meant "events" (BirdieSync doesn't synchronize tasks on Android).

Sometimes there are empty events in Lightning/Sunbird that you cannot see in the daily/montly view because they have empty titles. To see them, you may try to press the "Find events" button in Sunbird and select "All events" to display these events. Then you may try to delete them in Sunbird and synchronize again.

Now the question is to know how these empty events could have been created.
Could you give me a simple step by step scenario that I could try to reproduce ?
Start from an empty local calendar in Sunbird, and before synchronizing, ensure that you have no events displayed on the Android device and that only the calendar you synchronize is selected to be displayed in the Calendar app.

Also try to do some tests with the official Android Calendar app rather than aCalendar if possible to isolate the problem. There are several actors that could be involved in the creation of these events.


Re: repeating tasks are not correctly transferred to Android

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:32 am
by nocoke
Hello Birdy,

sorry, yes, of course I meant "events".
Sometimes there are empty events in Lightning/Sunbird that you cannot see...
That was the clue!
I spent desperate hours on the topic, and just using "Find events" and sorting them by name/title put the empty entries in question right at the top of the list, so I could delete them.
Now I somewhat feel like an idiot. :oops:

Many thanks!