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Android app can't connect in hotspot mode

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:29 am
by Max Mouse
Long story short, my version of Android does not support ad-hoc wifi. After much frustration trying to get ad-hoc to work, I was finally able to connect my phone to my laptop by configuring my phone as a hotspot. When my laptop is connected to my phone's hotspot, I can ping back & forth, and I can even access SMB shares on my laptop with the SolidExplorer app on my phone. This indicates to me that I have a 100% working TCP/IP connection between my phone and laptop. However, when launching the BirdieSync app and hitting "connect", I get the following error message: "Sorry, the mobile device is not connected to the network with a wi-fi or a cellular connection. Please connect the mobile device to the network in order to reach the host where BirdieSync server is installed." Is there any way I can convince the BirdieSync app that I do, in fact, have a valid connection to my laptop? This occurs whether I have "find host with BirdieSync" checked or I manually enter my laptop's IP address. Invoking "ip addr show wlan0" in a terminal on my phone returns a valid private IP address.

Re: Android app can't connect in hotspot mode

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:33 pm
by Birdy
Hello Max Mouse,

I checked how BirdieSync detects wether a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection is available. It simply relies on Android API (so Android operating system technology provided to third-party developers) which returns the active network information. So if you get this message, it means that for some reason Android returns that no network is available, or that the network is disconnected (which based on what you describe me is incorrect).
It's difficult to know the reason of such a behavior. Did you do any customization to add "add-hoc" Wi-Fi support ? Do you use another ROM ? Or did you add an additional module to your Android version ?

Re: Android app can't connect in hotspot mode

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:51 am
by Max Mouse
Hi Birdy,

I'm using Cyanogenmod 10.2, which uses Android version 4.3.1 (Jelly Bean). According to other forums I've read, the lack of ad-hoc support is due to the Jellybean kernel and not Cyanogenmod itself. I've tried a few mods to get ad-hoc to work, but none of them seem to work with my phone. So as of now, I'm running an unmodified version of Cyanogenmod.