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Contact Field Map

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I have found Birdiesync support requests dating to 2007-2008 asking the ability to provide selective field mapping for contacts. Is this available? In particular, I am syncing an iPhone and I find that there a number of fields that I use that are not mapping to Thunderbird's address book. I have labeled TB custom fields to match the iPhone field names, but Birdiesync apparently does not look at this. Fields for phone numbers "main", "iphone", for example do not sync.

Is there a work around for this issue? Other than me looking through my 1000+ contacts and looking to see what each contact's fields are not mapping?

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Re: Contact Field Map

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Hello brentl99,

The feature to synchronize custom fields in Thudnerbird hasn't been implemented yet. It would impact the way contacts are managed inside BirdieSync and require many modifications. But I agree that it would be usefull since the iPhone and Android devices have now many more fields than Thunderbird has. Presently, the way contact fields are mapped and synchronized is described in BirdieSync Help (menu "Help/Help...") in section "Contact fields mapping" and "Unmapped contact fields".

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