how to resolve <null date> failures

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how to resolve <null date> failures

Post by osh000 »

WIN 10 64 19042.630
TB = 78.4.3
BS =
syncing to Pixel4a (android 11)

Every time I sync I get a number of 'unexpected error' failures showing a <null date>.
That number increases each time (probably the original amount of errors being added again)

If I try to delete the errors by selecting them and clicking the bin icon, i can only select one (ctrl +A or +shift will not select multiple) the sync process just starts again, adding more failures.

What do you advise?

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Re: how to resolve <null date> failures

Post by Birdy »

Hello osh000,

While your mobile device is connected to BirdieSync server (this is important to be able to retrieve its logs), could you please build a log archive with BirdieSync menu "Help/Archive logs..." and send it to support(at)birdiesync(dot)com ?

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