Can't synchronize Events more than 1 year in future

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Can't synchronize Events more than 1 year in future

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my english probably won't be perfect, but i'll do my very best. I'm synchronizing calender events between Thunderbird and my iPhone using BirdieSync I'm using the software for managing gigs with my band mates. A lot of events are planned more than one year in the future.
I got problems sychronizing calender events created with thunderbird in May/June/July/... 2022. All events from present day + 1 year are not getting synchronized. All events happening after 30.03.2022 are only shown on my DesktopPC, but not on the phone. If i create an event on 30.03.22 it works. If i create an event on 01.04.22 it doesn't work. Does anyone have the same problem, or can try to simulate the bug for me?
I really wonder why the program isn't able to manage events in future correctly.


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Re: Can't synchronize Events more than 1 year in future

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Hello Maxx,

I already answered to you by email from the Help desk, but I'll also answer on this forum in case other users face the same problem:

Due to internal technology (API) limitations on Apple devices, it is only possible to synchronize events on a 4 years period. Which means that it's possible for instance to synchronize 3 years in the past and 1 year in the future or 2 years in the past and 2 years in the future.

If you wish to extend the synchronization period in the future:

- Open BirdieSync main window (double click on BirdieSync green synchronization icon)
- Select "Configuration" view
- Select your Apple device source
- Select events
- Above the Content columns, click on the Gear button and change the limits to synchronize past and future events (the interval must not exceed 4 years).

You may refer to BirdieSync help (BirdieSync menu "Help/Help...") in section "Configuration/Event configuration".


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