Why "Over the air" and not USB for Android

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Why "Over the air" and not USB for Android

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Greetings all:
The reason I got Birdie Sync was to use USB exclusively to sync my data. I am a 'no-cloud' user of Android. So when the setup mandates an over the air connection I am a bit perplexed. Also, what is exactly meant by "over the air"? A BlueTooth connection is as much 'over the air' as a 'cell tower' connection. Is it not possible to set up birdie sync via USB? If so I would appreciate some instruction for so doing. My platform is Windows 7 Ultimate & TB8 & BS . Thank You. Grego

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Re: Why "Over the air" and not USB for Android

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"Over the Air" means that you can connect your mobile device "over the air" without using a cable with your desktop. It´s a connection over your router but not with the I-net. It´s like a privat network.

You can also connect via usb. Please look at the BirdieSync page here and here.

Hoped to help you.

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