Samsung Galaxy Note calendar problem

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Samsung Galaxy Note calendar problem

Post by PierreG25 »


I have recently acquired a new HP computer on which >I have installed Firebird with lightning extension.
I would like to synchronise my contacts, tasks, notes and calendar from my Samsung Galaxy Note to my new computer.
I Have hence installed Birdiesync on both my computer and smartphone and launched it.
My list of contacts haver been transferred on Thunderbird adress book but nothing is made for events.
I have tried to write some test data on the computer and otthers on the smartphone.
My application on the smartphone is called "S calendar" and I also use Deja calendar.
On the smartphone, my "events" settings are (I have selected all):
Telephone (0 events)
Android sync (201 eventsd) (275 events)
Birdie sync (274 events) default
Local (2 events)

Thanks for help

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note calendar problem

Post by Birdy »

Hello Pierre,

If I understand well, you have calendars on your Android device which are not transferred to Thunderbird ?
Does this FAQ help ? ... hunderbird

If you still have problems, right after you have the synchronization, could you send your logs to support(at) ?
First, transfer the mobile device log to the desktop with "Help/Transfer mobile device log" while your mobile is connected.
Then build the log archive with BirdieSync menu "Help/Archive logs...".
You can send to support(at)

Please mention the names of the calendars you wish to synchronize in Thunderbird and on your Android device.


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