Recurring Task slows sync?

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Recurring Task slows sync?

Post by pksimmang » Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:38 pm

Hi. I'm a happily registered user and have been using BirdieSync for about a month and a half now. Win XP SP2, TBird; Lightning 0.3; BirdieSync and ActiveSync 4.2.0.

A couple of weeks back I noticed that when I plugged in my device for the first time of the day, the initial sync took several (10-15) minutes. Subsequent syncs went faster, but adding to this was the fact that the first sync took so long that additional syncs were due before this was finished, and so they were queued up to run as soon as the first one finished.

I ignored the problem for a while, and this week had a chance to look into it. I realized that most of this time was spent on tasks. This was odd, since I only have about 8 tasks--as compared to ~350 contacts and ~250 calendar events. I played with it and figured out that the problem was tied to a recurring task I had set up. Most of my tasks are one-time things, which I delete when they're done. But this one I had set up to recur monthly, having start/end dates, and it was marked done for this month. I confirmed that the start date was before the due date and the date completed. I removed the recurrence and the dates, and then my sync problem was fixed.

I figured out that this was the problem because the ThunderbirdService.log file showed "UTC 17/11/2006 11:25:57::0573 ERROR: At least 2114462996 todo occurences were marked completed. Too many occurences. (GetLastError = 0)" and this was the only task marked complete.

The recurring task isn't something that I really need, so this solves my problem. However, I wanted to post in case this was helpful to someone else--and in case Birdie got bored and wanted something else to do. (But IMHO the mail sync would be way cooler than this item!)

Great product! I had been using Outlook strictly for the calendar and contact sync while running TBird for email. Since finding BirdieSync, I've no use for Outlook at all!

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Post by Birdy » Sat Nov 18, 2006 4:23 pm

Thank you for your post !

Regarding the long first synchronization, I don't know if that could be normal and could be easily sped up by pressing the "Sync" button on the device (as described in the help FAQ or in this thread) or if it was related to another problem like the one you described.

If you succeed in reproducing this problem, I would be very interested in an example of recurring task that I could test on myself, to provide a correction.
Anyway I will try to investigate on that as soon as I can.

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