syncs not all events

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syncs not all events

Post by rose » Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:59 pm

birdiesync is exactly what i needed, that is why i already did license it. 8)

everything works fine, no problems with installing birdiesync.
when i synchronize the first time i'm fascinated watching the process bar :P , as everything seems to work properly. birdiesync synchronizes without error report into an empty lightning calendar on the desktop (i choose: desktop items overwrite pocket pc items).

as soon as i disconnect and recconect the pocket pc - not doing any changes in events, cards and tasks - it synchronizes again some items, but that means now, some events on the pocket pc are deleted and i have to restore the calendar from the backup file.

first synchronization:
1402 cards
266 events
26 tasks

second synchronization:
80 events
1 task

i already had this problem a few days ago, uninstalling and reinstalling active- and birdiesync reproduces the same problem, although different events are affected by that problem - not the same again.

any suggestions?

pocket pc: fsc pocket loox 420
lightning 0.3
activesync 4.2.0

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Post by Birdy » Wed Nov 29, 2006 11:14 pm


First of all, a small little question. Do you have Outlook synchronization activated in ActiveSync options (contacts, appointments or tasks) ?

After first synchronization, did you have unresolved items ?
but that means now, some events on the pocket pc are deleted
Is it BirdieSync which deleted these events. Could you explain a little more what happened ?


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