Syncing with Windows mobile

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Syncing with Windows mobile

Post by jsgross » Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:24 am

I'm currently using Activesync Windows mobile 6.5 with Outlook on XP. I want to move to Thunderbird/Lightning, Android and Windows 7. I would like to try Thunderbird/Lightning with my Windows mobile first. How do I change Activesync from recognizng my phone and syncing with Outlook to recognizing Birdiesync and syncing to Thunderbird/Lightning.

Next question, I want to sync contacts and calendar, not email. Is that possible?


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Re: Syncing with Windows mobile

Post by Birdy » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:09 am

Hello jsgross,

BirdieSync has its own synchronization process. Even if it's not really recommended to simultaneously synchronize with 2 different synchronization engines on the same machine (it could simultaneously access to the mobile device), it's possible to do it. So you only have to configure BirdieSync without needing to establish a partnership with ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center. You must choose with address books and calendars you wish to synchronize in Thunderbird BirdieSync options, and tick contact and event synchronization in BirdieSync Activation tab. Please refer to BirdieSync help for more information.

Note that if you intend to use BirdieSync and no longer ActiveSync, you'll have to delete ActiveSync partnership or unselect the synchronization of contacts, calendar, etc. If you have a Windows Mobile 6.X device, ActiveSync will delete all your PIM data on the device. So if you synchronize with Birdiesync, you'll have to RESET the synchronization to avoid propagating the deletions on the desktop.

BirdieSync gives you the possibility to choose which category of items you wish to synchronize in the "Activation" tab of BirdieSync GUI. So you can synchronize only contacts and events. Note that presently with Android device, it's only possible to synchronize contacts and events.

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