Best Practices to best sync Lightning, Mobile and Web?

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Best Practices to best sync Lightning, Mobile and Web?

Post by jl2424 » Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:12 pm

I am looking for Best Practices how to best sync my PIM data from TB/Lightning with my Mobile and a web calendar. I want to use several calendar files, to categorize my appointments/task (e.g. file for work appointments, file for family and friends apointments, file for club apointments). These calendar files I should be stored somewhere in the web, so I can sync with that files and even can look at them in internet and edit them via a web browser. As my last calendar files, which I hosted in the media center were partly destroyed after Thunderbird crashed, a backup mechanism would be good, too. What (free) hoster for iCalendar is best? Is there a (cheap or free) way, that new appointments and mails are pushed directly to my cellphone and vice versa from my cell phone to the web-calendar (make new appointment on the mobile --> push appointment to the web). Furthermore, how do you organize your data that the Lightning fields match the Windows Mobile/Outlook fields (last time after synching some of my contacts had their first name in the last name field and vice versa). I just bought a new Windows Mobile cell phone so I can set up everything from scratch.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Best Practices to best sync Lightning, Mobile and Web?

Post by Birdy » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:55 am


You have several formats of calendars to choose from. iCal/calDav/Google. calDav is quicker than iCal in term of synchronization but it can be difficult to find a free calDav server.
For iCal, you can have a look to iCalx.
You may also use a Google calendar and use the Google calendar provider.
Note that Google calendar doesn't support tasks.
Then you can access to these calendars through Lightning and synchronize them with BirdieSync.

Regarding backups, I suggest you to regularly do an ICS export and backup it.

If you access to your web calendars from 2 different desktops, you should synchronize your web calendar with your mobile device from only one desktop. Otherwise you'll have duplicates because BirdieSync will not realize that it is the same web calendar that you synchronize on your 2 different computers.

Regarding the item fields, I suggest you to only use the fields which are synchronized. They are described in BirdieSync help.

The problem you had regarding first name and last name was very likely related to the "display name" (compounded with the first name and last name) which is inverted in Pocket Outlook and Thunderbird. But there is a special option in BirdieSync to control this behavior so that the 2 display names match.

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