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How to install BirdieSync 3.0 beta

The beta version of BirdieSync 3.0 must be installed on both the PC and the mobile device. In case of iPhone or Android device, it is necessary to install a beta version of the app.

Before installing this beta version it is STRONGLY recommended to BACKUP your data as described in this FAQ entry

This beta version only supports Thunderbird 38.x and embedded Lightning add-on 4.0.

This beta version will work for 21 days. If you reach the end of the evaluation period, install the last new beta version to extend it.

Please report any problem you would find in this beta version. You may post them on the forum or directly contact support [at]

Install BirdieSync 3.0 beta on your mobile device


To install the last beta version of BirdieSync on your Android device, please follow the instructions on this dedicated page.

iPhone or iPad

The minimum version of iOS supported by BirdieSync 3.0 is 6.0. But Apple TestFlight app which manages BirdieSync beta app installation requires iOS 8.0.

To install the last beta version of BirdieSync on your iPhone or iPad, it is necessary to register in Apple TestFlight. First, enter your email address on this email registration page. You'll then receive an email from Apple describing on how to install TestFlight on your iPhone and use it to install beta version of BirdieSync.

Once installed, if you updated from BirdieSync 2.x, it is important to check in BirdieSync app Settings, that the switch "BirdieSync 2.x" is OFF if you wish to be able to connect to BirdieSync 3.0 server.

Windows Mobile

BirdieSync for Windows Mobile is bundled with BirdieSync for the PC. It will be automatically installed when you first connect your Windows Mobile device to the PC.

Install BirdieSync 3.0 beta on your PC

It is also necessary to install the beta version for you mobile device (see above sections). It won't work with version 2.x of BirdieSync app available on Google Play and App Store.

The minimum version of Windows supported is Windows XP SP3 (it won't work on SP2)

Download and install BirdieSync for the PC

Download BirdieSync 3.0 beta 25