Problem BirdieSync+Thunderbird Portable

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Problem BirdieSync+Thunderbird Portable

Post by pee_why » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:07 am

* Thunderbird PORTABLE 3.1.7 with Lightning 1.0b2 installés sur D:\ThunderbirdPortable
* BirdieSync installé sur mon disque local C:
C'est la 1ère installation de BirdieSync
A l'installation BirdieSync s'est bien installé sur mon PocketPC alors que dans thunderbird PORTABLE, je ne vois pas BirdieSync installé dans Modules Complémentaires et je n'ai pas de menu supplémentaire BirdieSync
Merci de m'aider pour que je puisse essayer votre logiciel

I have BirdieSync on my local disk C:\ (1st installation=OK) and Thunderbird PORTABLE 3.1.7 with Lightning 1.0b2 on D:\ThunderbirdPortable
But i don't see BirdieSync in Thunderbird Portable and BirdieSync do this error "Could not find profile file for classical application : C:\Documents and Settings\PiwY\Application Data/Mozilla/Sunbird//profiles.ini (GetLastError = 3)"
Could i change the path?
Thanks for your help

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Re: Problem BirdieSync+Thunderbird Portable

Post by Birdy » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:18 am

Hello pee_why,

BirdieSync is a very old version which doesn't support Thunderbird 3.1.7. I suggest you to install BirdieSync which is available in BirdieSync download section.
Note also that the error you get in the logs is not relevant. It simply means that Sunbird is not installed on your machine.

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Re: Problem BirdieSync+Thunderbird Portable

Post by motardes04 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:09 pm


I've got problems installing BirdieSync with Thunderbird Portable ; here's my configuration :

-> TB portable Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; fr; rv: Gecko/20100713 Lightning/1.0b2 Thunderbird/3.1.1 is installed on my usb key
- no account created as I don't want to sync with an email account but in fact, just back up and have on my laptop a copy of my contacts + appointments
- add-ons : lightning 1.02b
- still there although I uninstalled it after seing versions were not compatible : BirdieSync
-> Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5.0 is installed on my laptop
-> Alas, the company I'm in also has a Thunderbird version under Citrix ; I have no administration rights on my configuration
-> I unistalled BS
-> Installed Birdie Sync both on my laptop and on the usb key :
- it installed fine on my HTC HD2, ready for synch
- it installed fine on the usb and on the harddrive of the laptop
- but is not available in my Thunderbird/Tools/ => no Birdie Sync menu
=> Birdie sync message : "profile de thunderbird non sélectionné" but I can't access the Birdie Sync parameters in Thunderbird.

What have I missed ?

Further, I wanted a "portable" Birdie Sync as well as in fact, my laptop is generally speaking working in a network under Citrix => on nomad use : c:/ is the laptop hardrive ; on connected use at word : c:/ is the server harddrive, my laptop hardrive is then c$:/

Thanks (as usual) for your help :wink:
Regards from France

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Re: Problem BirdieSync+Thunderbird Portable

Post by Birdy » Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:03 pm

Bonjour Cécile,

First thing to check is if you installed the correct version of BirdieSync (it's easy to download the version for Thunderbird 3.0 by mistake...). Look at the version displayed in BirdieSync menu (Help/About...).
Which version of BirdieSync is displayed in Thunderbird add-on list ? Is it or an older version ?
If it's an older version, it could mean there is a problem with Thunderbird extension cache: you could try to clean your portable Thunderbird profile (located on your USB key) as described in this FAQ topic.
If you still have a problem, could you tell me if you see some errors in Thunderbird error console about BirdieSync ? (Tools/Error console)

Regarding a portable version of BirdieSync, it is not available by now and still depends on the PC.

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